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RE: last off topic, sorry.... Now: Is this really off-topic if it affects your potential earnings?

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I believe we are sharing the same concerns, but expressing them differently.
In a consumer-driven market like the US, and with corporations answering to shareholders
who seek maximized bottom line profit, the outsourcing phenomenon is simply what an
unrestrained market will do through free trade.
I do not agree with unrestrained markets... I once did. Unrestrained markets are a
"survival of the fittest" strategy, which may be good in eliminating weak members of a
species in nature, but it's a lousy, and yes, unsympathetic way to deal with human
economic relations. For example, unrestrained markets lead to monopolies. Our anti-trust
laws are a safety valve intended to bleed off the economic advantages of economies-of-scale
when they reach the point that they have effectively eliminated the market (e.g. Standard Oil).  
Foreign trade is not an idealized, level playing field. There will be those countries who
will enjoy an advantage over others for a time and may become a monopolistic force, until
restrained. As a citizen and resident of the US, my self-interest coincides with the interests of the US, which is to have the advantage in the global market. Specifically,
as engineering service providers, it is in our interest that we earn a decent livelihood
from our profession. As Americans it is in our interest to have a stable economy, in
which anyone who wants to work, is able to work, and can earn a decent livelihood from
The missing component we haven't discussed in this thread is the ever present need in the
changing American economy for worker retraining, and domestic economic development. Without
a consistent and solid plan to support both workers and domestic enterprise, free trade is
not worth the risk. Hence, education and tax structures must be such that new and existing
workers will always have a means to prepare for or change jobs without risking their
The same self-preservation interests that we have in the US are present in other nations, so diplomatic negotiations of free trade agreements are the vehicle by which the imbalances can be addressed. And we also have to make sure that our government is worker-friendly. Remember the phrases 'kinder and gentler' and 'compassionate conservative'?

Best regards,

Thomas Honles, SE, PE
Los Angeles, CA

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This isn't about your service - its about the exploitation of workers by forcing Americans who had jobs to train those in other countries to do their work at a ratio of 5:1 for the money it costs to pay the American employee. Tell me what happens to their debt? Are you so unsympathetic that you can accept the destruction of someones life - regardless of whether they are a tech representative or a professional engineer - and try and justify it?

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