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Okay, so I get this application in the mail, the so-called SECB asking me to become "certified."

I see that the SECB has a couple of guys on it--Marc Barter and Ron Hamburger--that I actually know. I see that Jeanne Vogelzang, who I recall is the SEAoI secretary or some-such, is the "Executive Director."

So it looks legit.

But what the h*ll is it good for? They want $350 of my hard-earned money--difficult to come by when clients decide they won't pay you. What do I get in return?

Can I call myself an "S.E."? Even without examination?

Or is it just a "fun club" to join, certificate suitable for framing, secret decoder ring type of thing?

Comments are invited. I would like to support such an effort, but there has to be some benefit accruing. I hope you understand.

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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