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Re: [Fwd: Really Questioning 9-11 [Book]]

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Neglecting whatever else might be wrong (or questionable) in the
Op Ed piece, I have to admit I'm more than slightly confused by these
two pieces of "information":

*Furthermore, it takes a temperature
of 2,795 degrees to melt construction grade steel, yet the highest
temperature jet fuel can reach is 1,517 degrees.*

*how do we explain the pools of molten steel which were
found bubbling 70 feet beneath the towers five weeks after 9-11? *
Incidentally, a temperature of 5,182 degrees is needed to transform
steel into a liquefied state.

Wait a minute, if steel melts at 2795 degF, why does it take a temperature
of 5182 degF "to transform steel into a liquefied state."

Either it melts at 2795 or not.  Unless there's some other meaning to
"melt" than "transform into a liquefied state".



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