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ASCE 7-98 Wind Design

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My thanks to Padmanabhan Rajendran and Bill Polhemus for their help.

The reason I am using ASCE 7-98 is because it is referenced by IBC 2000,
which in turn is referenced by the latest (2003) Minnesota Building

This points out an unnoticed (at least by me, until now) disadvantage of
a Code referencing a Code which references a Code:  I'm stuck with a 7
year old document which is out-of-date technically, and worse yet, no
longer maintained.  And while it's easy to say "just use the current
code," I can't always do that, especially when I'm feeding loads from
ASCE 7 into an AISC or ACI material code.

Wish I had a one-line quip toward a solution, but I don't.  Except to
wish for a government council that would coordinate all this stuff and
keep The Code current and consistent.  (Take another breath, Bill--it
won't happen in our lifetimes.)

At least we're better off here than in California, which is still using
the 97UBC.  For those with a taste for subtle irony, THAT'S ironic.

Actually, I also consider us better of for the moment than Texas.  I had
a small job there recently.  (Bill, you've been outsourced.)  The city
invokes IBC 2003, which references ASCE 7-02 (which I thus had to buy),
which I was disappointed to find references API 650 for what I needed.
That sucker is expensive.

Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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