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Re: I Got Th' "Eagle Done Flew" Blues!

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Paul Feather wrote:

Personally, I do not consider $150 high.

My tax lawyer $250
My contracts attorney  $350
My accountant $250

The guy who operated the backhoe in my yard, $150

I wont even bring in doctors, dentists

Why professional engineers seem to be embarrassed to list an appropriate hourly fee is beyond me. Very little of my work is hourly, so the hourly fee schedule is really a formality. Like Gerard I don't believe in low bid and charging for extras, but if additional services are needed we use $150 as the contract rate for principal engineers, and $105 for staff engineers.


My stock line now is that I intend to keep my rate between a backhoe operator and my accountant (who has far more experience in accountancy than I do in engineering). That said, it mean I should stay between $85 an hour and $??? and hour, where ??? is probably about $125 to $140. I don't know because my accountant doesn't quote his rates, just a final total. Good advice which I have incorporated into my invoices. Rates only go on contracts, and contracts only go out on larger jobs. Oh, and I charge 50% extra for expert witness services - I don't want enyone thinking I'm too cheap to know what I'm doing ;-)

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