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Re: [Fwd: Really Questioning 9-11 [Book]]

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The steel did not melt.  You only have to heat steel to 700 degrees F to
start loosing strength.  At 800 degrees, steel looses most tensile strength.
You don't have to melt steel to cause a structural failure.

Of course, I wasn't suggesting it had.  I was simply pointing at the
blatent inconsistency in the text itself.  I make the point about
strength loss due to heating with my steel design students all the time.

I was also amused to see one of the conspiracy theorist websites (I'd have
to look again to figure out which one. It came up on a google search.) indicating that someone on the forensic team had said there was "evaporated" steel beams. Evaporated???? Oh, come on! I seriously doubt any engineer
would refer to a steel beam as having been evaporated.

I don't recall any pools of molten steel at the bottom of the pile.  But keep
in mind that there was fuel storage in the sub levels of the WTC for
emergency power.  That was the perceived culprit at WTC 7.

Yeah, I would have been very surprised to have not heard about
such an occurrence.  It seems like the sort of thing that would
make the rounds of structural engineering news groups or mailing
lists.  ;-)

Glad to see somebody's reading what I write, though.  ;-)


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