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Re: IBC 2000

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To further elaborate on James Lutz's response, the IBC uses ground
acceleration maps.  The values from those maps along with the importance
of the building and the soil conditions of the site lead to a Seismic
Design Category (SDC).  The SDC is used much like zones in the UBC in that
it dictates detailing requirements for your seismic resistance system.
For the actual determination of the seismic force (from the equivalent
lateral force method), then it is the value from the maps much like the
zone in the UBC leads to a "zone" value for the equivalent lateral force


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005, Michael Laplante wrote:

> Forgive me, but I reside and work in the Northern Part of North America.  I have a design guideline for a project and there are specifying the use of IBC2000, Zone 2.   Does IBC2000 refer to seismic Zones in the code, or does the code make reference to seismic ground acceleration maps.        Any comments greatly appreciated.
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> Mike
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