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Bill Polhemus wrote:

Stan, I had already visited the site prior to "stirring up the hornet's nest" in here. With all due respect, it really doesn't tell you much that you wouldn't expect self-promotion to tell you. That's not meant as a slap, it's just that you're not going to go to that site and read the "pros and cons." It's just not reasonable.

To be fair:

After writing this I went back to the site, and clicked on the link that
says "Strucural Forum - Certification."

I hadn't done so previously because so many of these sites have "forums"
that typically have ZERO traffic on them. But I just started clicking
away, and that one actually contains a written "debate" on the merits or
lack thereof of Certification.

Now, that's not to say that it is debating the merits of SECB's
certification process--I think I did that in my previous post. But you
can't say that there's not "any" contrary information provided on the site.

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