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Caldwell, Stan wrote:
Rather than guessing what is going on and sharing your opinions based on those guesses, why not spend a few minutes up front researching exactly what is going on?  Then, if you still care to share your opinions, at least they will be based on fact.  Everything you might ever want to know, including who has applied for certification so far, can be found in the links at the Structural Engineering Certification Board website:
Please spend a few minutes at this website ... knowledge is a wonderful thing.
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
GOSSIP: "A person who will never tell a lie
             if the truth will do more damage."
I always wondered how someone with so much hot air could keep their feet on the ground? Bill P posted his concern without indicating more than a cursory speculation on what he feared. I only know of Hamburger and Warren's previous attempts as they included me in their documentation so my concerns over certification was based on factual information provided me in the past. I did not assume or post inaccurate materials - I only asked questions. So don't make the assumption I did (this makes an ass out of you, but not me).

Since you are part of NCSEA and obviously priledged to what is on this web site, then share it with the rest of us rather than  blow in the direction of NCSEA wind. You can certainly do something to inform the fine people of this list so  why don't you save all of us the trouble and instead of waiting for me to state the fact - present them yourself. Personally, I didn't start the thread and I don't have the time now to investigate it - but you obviously are better informed than I am.

BTW, what did I say that was inaccurate?



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