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Re: Extending the life of plotter cartridges ??

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

You can also print a test page from the "Properties" menu item of the
printer's print queue.  Basically, you find the printer that you want to
print the test page from Printers in the Control Panel (Start:Settings:Control
Panels...for most current M$ OSs), open that printer (which will open the
printer queue for the printer), and under the "Printer" menu, select
"Properties".  In the window that opens, there should be a "Print Test
PAge" button.

FWIW, this could be a path to setting up a macro that could automate the
process (assuming you have some sort of macro program...don't think one
comes with Windoze anymore).

And if you want to get "cute" you can setup a Batch file that will open up
M$ Word and print a document.  You can then setup the Task Manager to run
that Batch file on a predetermined schedule.  It is relatively easy to do.
If someone wants to know how to set it up, just let me know and I will be
glad to elaborate.  The one key thing is that you have to have the
printer for which you want to keep the cartridges "fresh" set as the
default Windoze printer.


Adrian, MI

I did something similar with an old Epson printer (notorious for ink clogs, those epsons are). I created a rainbow image (a stock gradient in a box in photoshop) that was 1/2" x 8", printed it to a file, then made a batch file to copy the printerfile to the printer three times a week. I'll admit that I never quite got the scheduler to perform properly, so I just stuck the link on my desktop and ran it once in a while.

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