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John -

They must be modern and suitable for undergraduate and also graduate courses.
Can you recommend me a good book for Statics and another one for Mechanics of Materials?

Well, I have to admit that I don't see Statics or Mechanics of Materials
as graduate level material (at least not in the Beer & Johnston scope), so
my recommendations are slightly different from your request.

I used Gere and Timoshenko for Mechanics of Materials and the equivalent of statics (we didn't have separate classes for these topics where I was an undergrad). I found it complete and readable then and now. I like it better than the Beer and Johnston textbooks (Statics/Dyanmics and Mechanics of Materials).

At the graduate level, I would recommend Boresi, Schmidt and Sidebottom's Advanced Mechanics of Materials, which covers topics like beam-on-elastic foundation, N-dimensional tensor mechanics, curved beams, intro to fracture mechanics, and contact stresses. It is fairly compltee where possible.

I personally am a fan of the classics.  I have finally acquired almost
the entire collection of Timoshenko texts from the late 30's and 40's.
I refer to them routinely (3-6 times/year) for more fundamental problems in mechanics and elastic stability.



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