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RE: HUD permanent foundations

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On 22 Mar 2005, at 11:57, Jim Wilson wrote:

> The problem is that this is pre-existing and there is
> no simple way to determine if there is an insulated
> slab underneath.  Though I really doubt that is the
> case.
> The comments from the real estate agent and the
> contractor are (of course) that this is no big deal
> and diagonal tie-downs are all that is required. 
> Apparently I am the new engineer on the block and I'm
> the first one to ever raise a concern about an
> uninsulated slab on grade in a frost zone.
> If only HUD had a grandfathered construction type
> clause...
> Jim Wilson
> Stroudsburg, PA

The intent, as I understand it, it not just to put a mobile
home on strong piers, but to make the mobile home a
permanent residence that is like a built-on-site structure.
A similar situation is involved with the premanufactured
homes that are placed on foundations.  To this end,  the
structure should have footings and stemwalls surrounding
the crawl space.  This is like you were building a standard
house, only it's already been built.  You are just going to
be setting it on the foundation that you would build if you
were building the home from scratch.

I've worked for two firms that did quite a bit of these inspections.
We'd go out and measure things, take pictures, then write
a report to state whether or not the building was within
the requirements of the document referenced by the lender.
It was really a matter of going down a checklist.  I did not
like all of the items on the list and felt that there were some
circumstances where engineering calculations or judgement
should have been allowed, but the lender was usually rather
specific.  The building had to conform to all requirements
of the referenced document.  And there were times when
I would have stamped the situation from an analysis stand-
point, but couldn't state that the situation conformed to
the checklist.

Based on what you've told us, I would not sign off on this
situation.  The pre-existing condition is concerning, if
there has been opportunity for frost problems in the past
that are now trying to be insulated for and covered, then
you've got a potential frost heave problem that you may not
even be able to investigate without digging under the building.
I also don't like the lack of solid stemwalls with footings
underneath and the footings below frost line.

Rather than "tank" the deal, you could recommend that
they get another engineer.  That would remove the liability
from you, and potentially the guilt for not being able to
help them.  Not all situations can be helped.

Good luck on your decision.

Take care,
Lloyd Pack, P.E.

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