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RE: HUD permanent foundations

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On 22 Mar 2005, at 16:29, Jim Wilson wrote:

> Thanks, Lloyd,
> You really hit on the points I was concerned about. 
> You mention a "check list" - was that an internal
> check list that your company used, or was it one of
> the HUD checklists?  I've read through much of the
> Permanent Foundation Guide and found a manufacturer's
> checklist and an installer's (I think thats it)
> checklist.  But I don't recall seeing just an
> inspection checklist.  Do you recall which one is
> perhaps appropriate to use in this case?


The checklists were something that we created from the
requirements found in either the Permanent Foundation
Guide or other referenced documents that the lender were
using for their qualifying criteria.  We'd just created an
inspection form so that it was easy to run down it and
take the needed measurements for the pier spacing,
the footing sizes and the clearances in the crawl space,
etc., and to check for the other listed criteria.  This
also helped in getting the pictures of the site and the
foundation information.  We would usually state whether
or not the structure with within the 100 yr flood plain
as found in the FIRMs for that site.  We didn't verify
elevations of the building and provide the flood certification
at that inspection, but just identified if it was going to
be necessary or if it was outside the zone.

Take care,

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