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Retrofit Masonry walls

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This is a tough one.
You may want to consider reinforced shotcrete on the interior of the basement and other bearing/shear walls.  This approach may be cheaper.  It would be dowelled and grouted into the existing hollow masonry and footings.  Construction shoring may not be required.  The existing un-reinforced and un-grouted masonry would be formwork.
What existing footing/reinforcement do you have?
What is water infiltration like in the basement?
I would be concerned about trying to sawcut, dowel and grout the existing masonry at the basement since all cells are required to be grouted.  The wall appears to need horiz. and vert. rebar.  Shoring of the floor above may be needed during construction.
With the gravity load weakness (and no grouting) of the basement and shear walls, this project does not appear to be a candidate for fiber wrap.
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