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Pe advice

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One more comment,
I agree with David about studying water flows.
In particular, I think that if you know two 
sections very well, you will be very well off,
and so for the other parts, you will be able
to answer simpler questions.  

I think water was easier for me to gain 
quick know-how than the other sections.
So it did pay-off to know water well.

If you know three sections, even better, 
four, well you'll pass no problem at all.

Although last year's exam was really devoted
to all sections in the morning, and the one 
you choose in the afternoon.  So especially
important to know the one you choose like the
back of your hand.  (Although I don't even know
how many hairs or wrinkles are on the back
of my hand, never counted.)

Good Luck.
Refugio Rochin, PE
Systems Engineering Ltd.

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