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Glu Lam Beams Exposed to the Weather

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I’ve got a project consisting of three masonry buildings with a wood roof. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the site performing a structural observation. It was the last grout pour of the project. While there, I observed that, for some reason, the Glu-Lam beams had already been delivered. Some of them were unwrapped and, for those who have been keeping up with the weather, we’ve had quite a bit of rain here in SoCal. Here’s a picture of what I saw: I can’t tell you how long the material has been on the job site, since the project superintendent is essentially non-existent (another story for another time). I know that these beams were not specified for outside exposure. I am worried that either the beams have become distressed or, at minimum, should be inspected. Maybe some of you wood gurus can tell me that “it’s no big deal”, but I would prefer a reference to someone or some firm who can perform an inspection. The project is located in Ontario, California.


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