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Re: Glu Lam Beams Exposed to the Weather

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Get them covered so they don't absorb any more water from future rain before they are installed and covered.  If they haven't develpoed mold, delaminated or warped, they will be fine when they have dried to ambient moisture for the area.  They lose strength with excess moisture but will regain it when dry. They should not be heavily loaded when wet. 
Hope this helps.
Ray Shreenan SE
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Subject: Glu Lam Beams Exposed to the Weather

I?ve got a project consisting of three masonry buildings with a wood roof. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the site performing a structural observation. It was the last grout pour of the project. While there, I observed that, for some reason, the Glu-Lam beams had already been delivered. Some of them were unwrapped and, for those who have been keeping up with the weather, we?ve had quite a bit of rain here in SoCal. Here?s a picture of what I saw: I can?t tell you how long the material has been on the job site, since the project superintendent is essentially non-existent (another story for another time). I know that these beams were not specified for outside exposure. I am worried that either the beams have become distressed or, at minimum, should be inspected. Maybe some of you wood gurus can tell me that ?it?s no big deal?, but I would prefer a reference to someone or some firm who can perform an inspection. The project is located in Ontario, California.


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