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Estimate for Structural Assessment

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I have been retained to do a 'Property Condition Assessment' of a building about 90 miles from me here in southern GA. ASTM E 2018 is the 'governing document' in how this is to be carried out. I will not be required to do an extensive analysis of issues such as structural condition (beyond a rather simple 'walk-thru') - but my preliminary inquiries indicate that this *could* be a possibility - and I will need to have some idea of costs to retain a SE to do this.

What we are talking about is a 3 story structure (constructed in 1906) in the 'downtown' area - with only the first floor occupied (presently by a bank) in a small southern GA town (Cordele). Exterior is brick veneer and granite (blocks? quoins? dunno) and I suspect, based on general constuction in that era here, this is probably load-bearing masonry construction - most likely with wood floor / roof framing. However, that is only speculation at this point - I will be visiting the property tomorrow to do the review and photo reconnaisance.

Again, if I (or some user) were to retain you to do a more extensive (structural) survey, what would you charge? I only want a 'lump sum' estimate of what this review would cost - and you can be conservative (but I would appreciate as accurate estimate as you would feel comformtable with). From what I understand at this hour, at least the third floor will be pretty 'open' (and possibly the second as well), so wall / pilaster conditions (from the interior) should be pretty open and accessible.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

-- john.

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