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Re: Rolling Shear on Wood Nailer

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Not a pretty situation - been there, done that. 
If I may... 
Make sure the torsion on the beam is somehow resisted/resolved. 
You may want to install, say, 2x8 across the steel beam, cantilevering as needed, at the location of the welded studs. Then run, say, 4x4 notched at the 2x8s (to make a 3.5" - 4x total nailer thickness) along the beam to support the trusses as per original plans.
Somehow I do not think the contractor will be happy.  Oh, well...
Steve Gordin, SE
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Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 7:26 AM
Subject: Rolling Shear on Wood Nailer

Does anyone know if there is a value for "rolling shear" in wood, (or I guess you could call it "shear perpindicular to the grain")? I have a job which is under construction and uses long span premanufactured wood roof trusses sitting on a 4x nailer atop a wide flange beam, (perpindicular to the trusses). My detail shows the truss bearing clips sitting on the top of the nailer with the nailer edge flush with the flange of the beam, (typical detail). However, in construction they somehow didn't get the wide flange beam exactly straight, so that they want to "hang" the 4x nailer over the edge of the beam flange about 1" to pick up the truss reaction.

I am reluctant to do this since I can find no value in the NDS for this type of shear and have always been under the impression it is not good to do this.

Anyone know of a value for "rolling shear", or any other advice like "make them do it right"?

Thanks in advance,

Larry Hauer SE

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