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Re: allowable stresses for wood floor joists - Phila. PA

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I hire a an engineering company that specializes in
wood design.  They will come in and inspect
the wood and grade it and take small samples (about
the size of a popsicle stick) and tell me the species
so I can check the wood against current standards.

On 28 Mar 2005 at 12:16, Ken Peoples wrote:

> I have been asked to evaluate an existing wood-framed structure (with
> brick bearing walls) in center city Phila (Chestnut Street).  The
> existing wood joists are approximately 3" x 11" spaced at 16" to 22"
> on center and spanning about 21'.  I don't know the date of
> construction, but it would not surprise me if the floor framing is
> over 75 years old.  Since they would like to use the upper floors for
> offices, I will need a minimum live load of 50 psf with corridors
> being 80 psf and file rooms being higher.  From what I can see of the
> joists, they appear to be nice wood - free of knots - but I have no
> idea what type of wood it is.  Preliminary rough calcs indicate that
> the capacity is borderline in most areas with an assumed allowable
> bending stress of 1200 psi and sub-standard in other areas.  I have
> never gone through any wood testing to determine allowable stresses
> and wondered if any of you have and would recommend it or should I
> just assume conservative values and strengthen as required.   The
> building will be gutted, so strengthening will not be impossible or
> extremely disruptive.  There are three elevated floors plus a roof. 
> Thanks for your help.
> Best regards,
> Ken
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