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Re: Shear reiforcing in Mat foundation

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I have typically seen ties configured like a cross tie used; a 90 at the bottom and a 135 at the top.  They can be added fairly easily at the same grid spacing that your mat rebar forms, assuming that provides enough.  You can also thicken a mat, either the whole things or locally, but it depends on a lot of factors which is better.  Thickening brings with it extra concrete cost and extra excavation.  Local thickening can complicate bar detailing and placement because you have multiple planes of reinforcement that need to be addressed and lapped to each other.  I generally aim for a depth that works for most of the mat, then add shear reinforcement in local areas as required, but again, there area a lot of ways to approach it.  Good luck finding the best solution for your case.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

>>> "Rich Lewis" <sea(--nospam--at)> 03/28/05 08:01PM >>>
What is the configuration of shear reinforcing in a mat foundation?  Is it
usually better to make the mat deep enough for no shear reinforcing rather
than provide the extra bars?


I have some heavily loaded piers sitting on a mat and I was wondering f it
would be better to reinforce in the vicinity of the piers rather than making
the mat thicker.





Rich Lewis



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