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Re: Building implosion

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Types of explosives use in demolition? These
explosives? characteristics? The places where the
explosives should put in a building?  The holes
characteristics which we put the explosives inside.
How can we determine the amount of explosives to
demolish a building? What are the parameters which
effect amount of explosive?  
Thanks in advance,

--- ASC <ggg(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> BlankHas anybody got knowledge about building
> implosion
> works? I have a Msc searching of it and I wasnt able
> to find enough sources. Any help will be
> appreciated...
> Best regards,
> Alan Parker
> Civil Engineer
> Reply: The term is not in general usage.
> It suggests "exploding inwards" because this is what
> implosion means in general.
> Such an event can happen if there is greater
> pressure outside, then inside.
> But then, a rectangular building usually has
> overpressure on two walls
> and underpressure on two others. The implosion in
> such a case will be partial only.
> This is under wind pressure as well as under a blast
> pressure, although the pattern
> is more complicated in the latter.
> Give me more circumstances and I will tell you more.
> Sincerely, Gregory

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