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RE: IBC2000 versus IBC2003

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If the building is permitted after the Code change then the structure must be designed for the latest adopted Code and not the one that was in effect during the actual design process.


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Why would you want to do that? It was designed for what it was designed for!


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I've been asked to certify that a condominium designed in our office last
year (with IBC2000) is in accordance with IBC2003 (adopted in Jan '05).  I
haven't done much with 2003 yet this year and I don't know the differences
in the two.  I have searched the internet, unsuccessfully, for a list or
compilation of the changes. There seem to be a lot of books, seminars and
tutorial-type online training to cover this issue- all with a fee, of
course.  Does anyone know of a site or publication that has addressed this
question with specifics? 


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