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Re: Nashville, TN area foundation help

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Harold Sprague wrote:

In a former engineering life, I designed foundations for several PEMB manufacturers.

The first attempt was always to use the turned down slab with the hairpins to take the thrust out of the 3 hinged arch. If the thrust was too great, or you had a feature that precluded you from using the slab as a tension tie, you went to a tie beam and spread footings. In that case it did not much matter what the edge of the slab was like.

The US Army Corps of Engineers lists the frost depth at 22" for Nashville, but you should call the local building official if applicable.

Stepping right in it...

I never got the "hairpin" thing. It always seemed to me to be in the
category of "stuff the old guys did because they always did it that way."

Because My PEMB foundation designs are typically on drilled piers, with
edge beams typically on the order of 30" depth or so, I figure there's
plenty of "oomph" there to resist the thrust without worrying about

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