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RE: Crushed Gravel Moisture Content

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On 31 Mar 2005, at 14:39, Michel Blangy wrote:

> Lloyd,
> Again, drying time is a constraint for our project. We will be processing
> quantities on the order of 1,000cyd over several months. We may only be able
> to spread out a dozen cyd's or so. How much might this help?
> Michel


This will help tremendously, depending upon rain.  A lot depends
on how much you need the rock dry and how much you want to
spend to have somebody 'babysit' this rock.  If you spread out 12
cyd of the aggregate each day, you can probably reduce the MC
by quite a bit, if it's a good sunny day.  You may even cut the MC
in half.  But with limited space to spread out the agg., it may
not be worth all of the extra effort. (You'll have to be the judge of that)

Take care,
Lloyd Pack, P.E.

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