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RE: More PE Advice, Please - AASHTO

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The AASHTO Standard Specification 17. edition is basically a summary of
the 16th edition with all the interims. No major changes have been done
as far as I know. You are probably right in your assessment that you are
not going to use Division I, Section 11 - 17. Those sections are about
aluminum, wood, bearing design etc. Section II is about Construction.
Most probably you are not going to get any AASHTO questions about this.
However Section I-A is about AASHTO Seismic Design. You might need that.
I am not sure how that's handled with the CA PE. As you mentioned you
should also have the Appendix A for the Live Load Tables. Helpful would
be also the Index at the end of the code.

Good luck,
Oliver Mueller, P.E. 
Bridge Engineer 
Denver, CO

From: "Michel Blangy" <mblangy(--nospam--at)>
To: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Subject: More PE Advice, Please - AASHTO

My first attempt at the CA Civil PE will be this April. The AASHTO
Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, HB17 is recomended by just
about everyone. The latest ed. is 17. All study guides I have seen are
based on the 16th. The study guides seem only to reference the first 10
sections and App. A. The spec. is comprised of some 30 sections. A while
back I came accross a site that offers individual sections of the spec.
I do not recall the cost per sect., but if the price is right, I might
just get the first ten sections, 16th ed. Does this seem reasonable? Are
there other important sections, as far as the PE goes? I have ruled out
the need for using this spec. beyond PE preparation.

Thank you,
Michel Blangy

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