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Re: Masonry Book

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Rich Klingner's masonry class notes are available through the Masonry
Socierty (  FWIW, TMS also has a set of Dan
Abrams' masonry class notes (professor at U of Illinois at Urbana
- Champaign).

Adrian, MI

On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Kurt Cornell wrote:

> Scott,
> How can one get a copy of Rich Klingner's class notes?  Are they available
> on the UT Austin web site?  It sounds like something that would be helpful
> to young engineers that didn't have a masonry class available to them
> (helpful
> to us "older" ones too, I'm sure).
> Also, David, another helpful practical publication is "Design of Reinforced
> Masonry
> Structures"  published by the Concrete Masonry Association of California and
> Nevada.
> The current addition is based on the '97 UBC, but they are planning on
> releasing the 2004
> edition this summer.  I would assume that it will be based on the '02 MSJC,
> but I'm not
> sure.
> Kurt Cornell, S.E.
> Reno, Nevada
> David,
> If want a true "textbook" like book (over all good reference book that
> deals with basic theory, etc), then either "Masonry Structures: Behavior
> and Design" by Drysdale, Hamid and Baker or "Reinforced Masonry
> Engineering Handbook" by Amrhein.  The Drysdale text is now in it second
> edition but it is my understanding that they are in the process of
> updating it (i.e. working on 3rd edition), which I believe will be
> available later this summer.  The current edition (2nd edition) is based
> upon the 1997 UBC (for strength design) and the 1999 MSJC (masonry code).
> They are in the process of updating it to at least the 2002 MSJC, I
> believe.  That text is available through the Masonry Society
> (aka for $94.50 for non-members (don't
> recall the discount for members at the moment...but believe it is 20%).
> If you want a more "practical" type publication, then the Masonry
> Designer' Guide would be a good choice.  It is a document that gives a
> practical application guide to the MSJC (masonry code).  The current
> edition (4th edition) is based upon the 2002 MSJC.  The 3rd edition is
> based upon the 1999 MSJC.  They are in the process of finishing up the 5th
> edition, which will be based upon the 2005 MSJC (which was just
> published).  So, this will kind of depend on how you want to use it or
> which code you are using, since the MDG is "tied" to a particular version
> of the code.  This is not to say that a particular MDG is still not useful
> with other code editions, but the references to particular code sections
> will be somewhat useless with other codes.  MDGs are available through TMS
> as well (you can still get both the 3rd and 4th editions...and maybe even
> the 2nd or 1st).
> Another option is to purchase Rich Klingner's class notes.  These are his
> class notes (which he basically uses as his textbook) for the masonry
> course that he teaches at the University of Texas at Austin.  They are
> very detailed notes.  As a side note, he is the chair of the MSJC
> committee (i.e. the committee that produces the masonry code).
> FWIW, I use the Drysdale text as the textbook for the masonry class that I
> teach at the University of Michigan.  Overall, it is a relatively good
> textbook.  It can be a little overkill at times for an "intro" masonry
> course, but it serves well as a reference book when out in the "real"
> world.  I also do highly recommend that MDG, especially if you are trying
> to use/understand a particular version of the MSJC.  But, if I had to pick
> between the Drysdale text and the MDG, I would have to depends on
> what you want out of the book.  <grin>
> HTH,
> Scott
> Adrian, MI
> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, Bob Immel wrote:
> >
> > David,
> >
> > Check out the guide by The Masonry Society entitled "Masonry Designer's
> Guide, 4th Edition."  The cost will be $98.00 and their product number is
> TMS-1001-03.
> >
> > Their website is
> >
> > Their address is:
> >
> > The Masonry Society
> > 3970 Broadway, Suite 201-D
> > Boulder, CO 80304
> >
> > Phone: 303-939-9700
> >
> > Best Regards,
> > Robert Immel, P.E.

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