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Mat Foundation Revisited

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What would be considered the "state of the art" literature explaining
detailing and constructing mat foundations?  By "state of the art" I don't
mean the academic philosophy, I'm looking for practical articles of case
studies and recommendations for how big the pour should be, jointing, mix
proportions, pozzolan percentages, curing, etc.  Are there some ACI
journals/Concrete International, ASCE journals or other technical
publications that have practical design and detailing advice?  I'm looking
at PCA's "Design and Control of Mixtures".  I have an old ACI 211.1-81.  I
also have a Neville "Concrete Technology".  They seem to address it as an
add-on.  Is there any documents where this is the main focus?

I ask because I am looking at a project with a large mat, in the range of 3
feet thick, about 100' x 60' in plan, with some other oddities to it.  I'm
looking for some good materials to research.

Rich Lewis


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