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RE: Software, RAM-Autocad / Etabs-Revit

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RAM:  I don’t know it well, but if your firm is traditional large scale steel and concrete with associated detailing in ACAD, then the RAM system is something that is already up and running.


Revit:  I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement with them as perhaps you have, so can’t say much, but I will advise you to at least watch the developments, especially if your firm integrates structural and architectural information. 


The role of computers in structural engineering has undergone big changes in each of the last decades, but we ain’t seen nothing yet.  Total integration of loads/members/connections/construction documents is the goal, and it’s going to happen sooner or later.  I run two monitors and at least 6 programs at once, with my calculator on the side, but somebody is figuring out how to integrate that, bit by bit.  


An interesting development is the ability of non-engineers to engineer.  Truss/component designers are riding a wave of big software advances to perform more and more “engineering” each year, when they don’t know what’s driving the black box.  It’s hard enough for us licensed types to understand what’s going on inside the box.


Measuring the cheese,


Ed Tornberg

Tornberg Consulting, LLC


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We are looking at enhancing our CAD/Design (structural design) capabilities. Currently we us RAM Structural System, with add-ons including CADstudio and RAM Advanse. The RAM Structural System works very well and is VERY user friendly. With the addition of RAM CADstudio, transferring information between structural design output to a CAD drawing considerably reduces drafting time.


We watched a demonstration of CAD software called Revit Structure (beta product) which was integrated with ETABS. The Revit/Etabs combination seemed to bridge the gap between design and drawing to a level we have not seen anywhere. RAM Cad studio works great for plain autocad but we as a company are leaning towards BIM.



Can anyone give me input about the above software packages? We are looking for something that totally integrates design and drafting in BIM.



Thank you,


Randy Diviney

Director of Engineering

Hayes Large Architects