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Mortar Testing

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Why does the ACI 530, 3.7B, require only lab compressive strength testing (ASTM C270) for acceptance of mortar? Field testing (ASTM C780) is only to verify consistency of materials and procedures, NOT FOR MORTAR STRENGTH. Yet, the ASTM C780 tests for compressive strength.  This seems like the mason and mortar suppliers have lobbied hard for this provision to remove any checks and balance on their in place work. Other than a prism test, what other basis do we have to evaluate the strength of mortar that we are actually getting in the field?  

I realize that I'm really only interested in the strength of the entire assembly, but if it is cost prohibitive to test the prism assembly, then if I test each component individually and it comes up to strength, than I would think that the assembly is acceptable.

> Jim K.

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