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RE: Mortar Testing

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Yes, I recall seeing that configuration (1994 UBC Standards??), so I now
know what you are talking about.

I guess I'm just questioning everything these days.

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In case you have are not aware, when you test grout, the grout sample
should be made by using masonry units as the form.  This is generally
done with a pinwheel type configuration of the masonry units so that a
hollow square shaped section is left in the middle.  Building paper or
such is used as a bond breaker between the grout and the masonry units.
This configuration allows the masonry units to absorb a lot of the water
from the grout much like what will happen in the field application (i.e.
the actual wall is building).  The masonry units are then stripped away
(after the grout has sufficiently cured) leaving just the grout test

I believe that Arvel also mentioned this method along with a proprietary
form that could be used instead.

I can get you a sketch/figure that illustrates what I described above if
my previous blather is not clear.  Or if you locate a copy of NCMA's TEK
Note 9-4, there is a figure in it that shows it (NCMA TEK notes are
available online through their website, I believe).


Adrian, MI


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