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DMS Signs on Montube Structures

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Does anyone have any experience to relate on the performance of monotube sign structures supporting Dynamic Message Signs (also known as Variable Message Signs)?
By "monotube", I mean a single circular column with a single circular horizontal member, all of equal diameter.  The structures can be either cantilever (1 column) or span (2 columns).  I'm thinking of DMS's that weigh approximately 4000 lbs and are approximately 25' x 8' x 4'.  For the span structures, the span would probably be around 90 feet.
I've done several truss style sign structures for DMS's and I'm familiar with the literature regarding fatigue, wind uplift, etc..  I'm looking for input specifically on monotubes, particularly personal experiences on whether they have performed well or not.
If you prefer, you can contact me privately.
David Finley
M. David Finley, P.E., P.A.
2086 SW Main Boulevard - Suite 111
Lake City, FL  32025