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Repair Slab Crack in Traffic Aisle

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I have a new slab where shrinkage hairline cracking occurred.  It is a storage warehouse with racks and aisle.  The aisles are 6 feet wide.  The racks are 7 feet wide.  The cracks run perpendicular to the aisle.  I was wondering about an epoxy filler for the aisle only and not under the racks.  Would this be counter productive?  If part of the crack was sealed and the other part not, would that tend to put added stress in the epoxy filler?  I think it would.  I was wondering if any else had experience with this.


An additional concern is the continued shrinkage of the slab.  It is only one week old.  From the charts I look at the shrinkage will continue for 4-5 years.  Most will probably happen by the end of this hot summer.


My concern is that wheel traffic of the fork trucks will cause the crack edges to spall and make a mess of the slab.  If the surface was flat and even then the tendency to spall would be reduced.


Maybe epoxy filler is not the right material.  Is there some other material I should consider?  It there a material that wouldn’t require pressure injecting, but would be self filling?  I don’t want to call a material supplier first, like SIKA, because they will primarily just want to hawk their product.  I’m looking for people with past experience with this situation to comment.





Rich Lewis