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Re: Evaluate drafters' reliability

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In a message dated 4/7/2005 9:15:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Wontae.Kim(--nospam--at) writes:
Is there any method how to evaluate drafting reliability?
How can I quantify drafters' reliability?
Some errors are minor, while others are critical...
Is there any standardized method to evaluate drawings (and drafter)?
The problem with most drafters is that they have very bad English skills. 
Unfortunately,  that is now also true for engineers in the United States.  In many cases they are unable to even explain their question correctly. 
One might wonder how they can explain the required solution correctly.
In DC,  a structural engineer is held in about the same regard as the building engineer (i.e. the janitor).  Their English skills are often about the same level.
Gail Kelley