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RE: seismic joint

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I thought about it acting that way at the foundation, but I wasn't sure what influence each building's mass and independent period would have on its own foundation.  One building is larger and taller than the other and I don't know if there is a vapor barrier under the existing structure or not.

I was thinking only if there was no relative slip at the base between the slab and the earth when looking at the buildings simultaneously, then no contact between the foundations would occur. Maybe I was thinking too much.





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>Subject: seismic joint
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>The theory is that the earth will move at a constant rate during a seismic event.  The old slab-on-grade and foundation will move at the same rate as the new foundation.  Therefore, there is no need for seismic separation at the slab-on-grade level.
>The only reason to dowel the new concrete slab-on-grade to the old is the potential for differential settlement.  Tripping hazards.
>Starting from the slab-on-grade up, the structures will move independently, and sometimes out of phase, potentially causing damage/destruction.  The seismic joint will start in the wall at the slab-on-grade and extend through the structure.
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