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Re: Evaluate drafters' reliability

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Mark Gilligan wrote:

Regarding the question of the engineer using CAD we
need to remember that the ultimate goal is to leverage
our resources to get the get the job done.  When you
have the engineers doing all of the drafting you solve
one problem but you limit your ability to take full
advantage of the engineers skills because he is
spending much of his time drafting.

I don't so much consider it "drafting" as "designing." I do a great deal of my thinking about how things are going to go together as I PUT it together on "virtual paper."

And I have an intimate knowledge of the array of solutions I've created for different design problems; this becomes my CAD library. No one knows better than I do how I want things to be put together, and I have gotten pretty fast at doing the "drafting" as well as grabbing things out of the existing library for use in a drawing.

Ultimately, it's about the drawings and specs anyway. They are the contract documents.

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