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RE: Evaluate drafters' reliability

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Over the course of a project, what percentage of time do you guys think goes
to actual engineering, and what percent of time is drafting, detailing,
setting elevations, coordination, etc... non-engineer tasks?

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Regarding the question of the engineer using CAD we
need to remember that the ultimate goal is to leverage
our resources to get the get the job done.  When you
have the engineers doing all of the drafting you solve
one problem but you limit your ability to take full
advantage of the engineers skills because he is
spending much of his time drafting.  I agree that
engineers need to be comfortable with CAD so that they
can use it when appropriate, but I believe the
desirable solution is to have drafters who can do much
of the drafting, and deal with many of the mundane
tasks associated with producing drawing.  This is
possible, you simply have to expect it and work to
make it happen.  

You also have to work with some of your engineers to
control their obsessive tendencies that make it
difficult for them to delegate and frustrate drafters
and engineers who have to work with them.

I have seen some of the the best drafters and some
poor drafters.  If you tolerate the poor ones that is
what you will get.  You have to give them feedback and
support, and when appropriate you need to help them to
move on.  

Mark Gilligan

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