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Re: Evaluate drafters' reliability

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Jeff George wrote:

Over the course of a project, what percentage of time do you guys think goes
to actual engineering, and what percent of time is drafting, detailing,
setting elevations, coordination, etc... non-engineer tasks?

If you're efficient with your time, you should be able to offload roughly 30% of your effort to a drafter in my experience. This is for typical DD/CD work on medium projects. With practice and a really good drafter, that can probably go as high as 40% to 50%. I've seen an engineer sketch ten details in an hour with enough information to keep a drafter busy for the better part of a day, with revision markups. I've also used drafters to transfer marks and do clean up work from a RAMsteel model with little interation on my part.

I don't have enough drafting work year round to justify a drafter, but i'm considering looking for one for the summer. I get so many hand-drawn plans from small contractors and architects, I probably have 15-20% drafting overhead just to get the plans into CAD on some smaller projects.

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