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RE: STEEL: Stainless Steel for Structural Applications

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Title: STEEL: Stainless Steel for Structural Applications



The difference between 304 and 304L, or 316 and 316L, as far as the structural designer is concerned, is that the “L” designates an alloy that is more weldable – the “L” alloy has less carbon.


Yes, bite the bullet.  If you are going to design a structure in stainless steel, you need to really get into it.  You need to learn for yourself the subtle difference between carbon steel and stainless that will affect your notes and specifications, as well as the welding details you design.


I found that the fabricators and welding inspectors available for stainless steel are limited.  There are small shops that may have plasma cutters and TIG-welding equipment, but they are not set up to provide the quality control assurances that you will want.  Find a good structural stainless steel fabricator, let him know about your project, and you may find that he can get you some of the manuals that you would otherwise need to pay for.  I doubt that that will be true of AWS D1.6.


Nels Roselund, SE

South San Gabriel, CA


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Subject: RE: STEEL: Stainless Steel for Structural Applications


Well, along these lines does anyone have any drawing notes for specifying these things? I can't believe how little information is available!


Not sure which ASTM spec to use, or what the distinct difference between, say 304 and 304L is.


Looks like 316/316L should be the way to go for "harsh chemical" environment according to what I've read. I really need to bite the bullet and get AWS D1.6, I guess.


And FWIW, the "Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel" is available in PDF format--for a price! You'd think the "Nickel Development Institute" would want that thing out there for free!


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Subject: RE: STEEL: Stainless Steel for Structural Applications



I’ve used “Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel” published 1995 by the Nickel Development Institute

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