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RE: Evaluate drafters' reliability

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Jeff -

So, what did you do? Shoot him?

If an engineer couldn't set an elevation "to save his life", I would
question their ability with formulae.

>From my experience, even though I have a lot of respect for a good CAD tech,
I've had the most trouble getting things drawn sufficiently to scale so that
potential interferences and conflicts become apparent. The trouble I've had
with engineers doing CAD work is their presentation skills. They don't seem
to balance white space very well nor use effective lineweights. While this
might seem insignificant when compared to technical accuracy (which it is),
a professional looking drawing seems to draw less criticism than one that
looks amateurish.

It's no surprise to me, with my drafting requirements (engineering must both
calc AND fit, drawings must look professional and spelling errors are
unacceptable), that the only person I've found who could/would meet these
standards is myself.


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...and from past experience, I've worked with an engineer that knew all the
formulas inside & out, but couldn't set elevations to save his life.


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