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engineers doing own drafting.

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I started interning in a small company where 
the engineers did their own drafting, then
went to a much bigger company, where we sketched
everything, didn't even have access to AutoCad.
Now I am back in a company a little bit larger than
the first company, and we are again doing our own

I think that nowadays there are alot more challenges
in being a draftsman.  And there are alot of ways 
to increase performance.  First of all, there is lisp.
Then there is Visual Basic, then there are Visual Lisp,
and many interacting programs with AutoCad.

So, I have begun to work on programs that collaborate
engineering within AutoCad, and the AUGI website
is also a great place to learn the ins and outs of Lisp,
VB, VL ...  Drafting can become as complex as any

And I do feel that I am now able to see things much
better, doing it myself.  And it saves much of the checking
time, and I know what I have done and what to 
improve upon.

I do not think drafting is second rate, and if a drafter
has the double skills of a computer scientist, they 
may very well, save alot of time, and create dwgs, very
fast.  Tools of drafters , geometric tools, are great 
advantages that many engineers do not know exist.

At the same time, I am producing drawings, and it takes
time away from doing calculations that are necessary, 
so when a deadline approaches, and the boss asks me
if I am done, usually I may be finishing the drawings, but
the engineering design is still not complete.

At any rate, I am learning to be more efficient with 
putting the two together.  

Refugio M. Rochin PE
Systems Engineering Ltd.

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