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RE: Evaluate drafters' reliability

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Wow! I usually estimate 70 percent of total hours as engineering time
and 30 percent as drafting time. I don't think I could keep my drafters
busy for 5 times as long as my own work!

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> By "non-engineering tasks", I meant things you do not need to be a 
> structural engineer to do..... such as coordination, setting 
> elevations, etc...
> I asked about the percentage of time spent on engineering vs.
> because engineers make significantly more than draftsmen.   If, say,
> "engineering" part is 34%, and the drafting/detailing/coordination 
> part = is 66%, then it doesn't seem cost-effective to have engineers 
> doing = everything.

I generally assume 3-5 drafting hours for each engineering hour. I
minimize my drafting time since it provides diminshing economic returns.

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