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Re: Shop drawings

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Rick Stone wrote:

In my humble opinion, if your drawings for a project are clear, coordinated
and complete, why take exception to using those drawings as the basis or
background for placing drawings and development of shop lists?
You mean, aside from the fact that the drawings are copyrighted works and, presumably, the subcontractor does not have written permission to use the drawings to produce a derivative work. This should be true, even if the contractor has permission to reporduce the drawings for the purpose of construting the project. (Sorry, touchy subject for me.)

I tend to disagree on your point from a technical perspective as well. A good set of shop drawings will show every bar - or every unique bar with notes to the extent and spacing. I don't do full elevations of walls, and I use tables on larger concrete jobs. Quite honestly, there isn't enough information depicted graphically to cover every condition which will exist in the field, nor is there a need to show that much in a scale which can be used to indicate bar marks. The shop drawings are a verification of the subcontractor understanding and properly executing the preparation for the job.

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