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New PTI Slab on Ground Manual

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There was a question a while back about the new (3rd Edition)  PTI Slab on Ground manual.
Having had a chance to review it over the weekend,  I would classify it is "sloppy, badly done, and full of mistakes and inconsistencies."
Personally,  I have nothing against the word "incompetent"  but in deference to those who find it offensive,  I will simply say that the new PTI slab on ground manual and its accompanying code standards is going to be a gold-mine for the litigation minded.
In other publication news,  PCA is doing a complete revision to its "Concrete Floors on Ground" publication.  The new version is scheduled to be out in June, I think.
Is their decision to do such a hasty rewrite a result of the fact that I broadcast my opinion that the existing manual is embarrassingly bad ?  Maybe not,  but since every one in the industry had negative comments,  I guess they had to do something. 
The existing PCA publication credits and thanks a number of people for their help, however as I understand it,  all of them are now trying to pretend they had nothing to do with the publication.  Some of them are in kind of a tight spot, however, since they were apparently paid a token fee to review the manual.
Gail Kelley