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RE: Residential Deck Live Load

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The load depends on if it’s a “Deck” or a “Balcony.”  There is a formal definition for decks and balconies listed in IBC section 1602.  If you read those it should clear it up for you as to which loads to use.


Eli Grassley

PSM Engineers


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Under item 27, I am not sure why the Code would state the load of 40 psf for all other areas except balconies and decks unless the intent is for decks and balconies to have a different load but I would agree that the code is rather ambiguous about it. I would always use 60 psf and note it on the drawings.


From: David Smith

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Subject: Residential Deck Live Load


Per IBC 2000, what is the proper live load to use for a residential (house) exterior deck?


Table 1607.1 Item 6 says "Same as occupancy served".


Table 1607.1 Item 27 says use 40 psf for all other areas except balconies and decks.


I would tend to design for 60 psf but list 40 psf on the plan.  Any comments would be appreciated.


Dave Smith

Smith Associates