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RE: Residential Deck Live Load

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I am looking at the latest Florida Building Code (which is based on IBC 2003) because I don't have the IBC 2000 with me. Assuming this is 1 or 2 family, this is the way I read it:

Decks are the same as the occupancy served, so for one and two family residential, there are 4 choices:

1) 10 Uninhabitable attics without storage

2) 20 Uninhabitable attics with storage

3) 30 Habitable attics and sleeping areas

4) 40 All other areas except balconies and decks

The first 2 really don't even apply, so to me I would get the option to apply either a 30 or 40 psf load to the deck depending on the above stated area. I think it says "all other areas" because you get the option to reduce it according to #3 area listed. After all this, I still wouldn't use less than 40psf.

Sorry, I am not sure this is correct, but this is the way I read it.





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>Subject: Residential Deck Live Load
>Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 16:16:08 -0400
>Per IBC 2000, what is the proper live load to use for a residential (house) exterior deck?
>Table 1607.1 Item 6 says "Same as occupancy served".
>Table 1607.1 Item 27 says use 40 psf for all other areas except balconies and decks.
>I would tend to design for 60 psf but list 40 psf on the plan.  Any comments would be appreciated.
>Dave Smith
>Smith Associates

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