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RE: Thornthwaite Index

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Yes the map is used.  You can go back and get site specific climatologically data and calculate the index if you desire.  I've seen some engineers actually use the worst case condition for all of the factors in the design.  Not my recommended procedure.
You may want to do a sensitivity analysis for the design.  You may find that his index doesn't really control the design.  That way you can tell which factors are more critical in the actual design procedure.

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My question was actually whether the map showing Thornthwaite Index values is what is typically used in design of post-tensioned slabs-on-ground and if so, is it ever questioned.
I know there have been some questions both for the age of the data, and for the fact it only shows 20 years of data (a 20-year return period.)   Most houses are built with the expectation they will last more than 20 years..  (mine has lasted almost 100).
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