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Boring logs

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Hi Gail:
I have only seen boring logs on structural plans once in my 30+ years.  Some very old drawings done by another engineer.  That job had become an object of litigation.  We were hired to recommend repairs.
I think to put the logs (done by another professional) on your drawings is only an open door to litigation.  We refer to Geotechnical.  We tell the Contractor he is responsible for the requirements of the Geotech report.  We do not bind it in our specifications.  Don't attach it to calc's, etc.  Don't hire the Geotech, normally.  It's part of the Owner's responsibilities under the Services Agreement  to describe the Owner's property.  By the way, we have outstanding Geotech consultants.
With Joy and Hope,
Bob Freeman, Architect
Structural Designer
Integrated Design Services, Inc.
(949) 387-8500