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Re: Boring Logs

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My question about putting boring logs on foundation drawings actually came about because this is a recommendation in the 3rd edition of the PTI manual. (The recommendation is to put the boring logs under "SOIL NOTES",  along with the bearing capacity.)
It is not something I have ever done (or even seen done),  and it struck me as very odd from the liability / accountability standpoint.  As pointed out by someone else, the geotech is not typically hired by the foundation designer and there is often no communication between the two parties, other than the report. 
On one project I worked on a little while ago,  I was asked to look at the geotech report.  I told the designer there were some things that didn't seem to make sense,  and they needed to call the geotech.  They said they couldn't because they didn't have a contract with the geotech. 
For an expansive or compressible soil,  I can see putting the bearing  capacity, and ym and em values as well as expected differential settlement if it is a compressible soil, because you have used those values in your design.
Other than that,  your drawings should have the name of the geotech and the report number ...
Gail Kelley