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Top plate splices

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I'm requesting people's opinion on the location of top plate
collector/drag splices.

I always detailed my splice straps on top of the upper plate.  Mainly
because that's how my old-school boss detailed his splices.  If for any
reason they could not be on top, we always placed a strap on each side
of the top plate to keep a concentric condition.  As long as the strap
wasn't unusually thick, I never got much flack from the contractor.

Now that I'm working as a plancheck engineer, I see a lot of splice
straps on only one side of the top plates.  When I raise a question
about the eccentricity, I'll ofter receive the respons that "this is an
industry standard and therefore doesn't need to be changed".

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, and if you detail single-sided
splices, why you don't feel this is a concern.

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